Thursday, May 22, 2014

Being American

In London people don't have a particularly positive view on Americans. During my stay here there haven't been too many comments about it. A few times while on the Underground, we've heard people mumble things about how they don't like Americans and things but it didn't bother me. Another girl on the trip had someone glare at her because she said she was from the states. These things aren't too bad and we have all been trying to just prove them wrong. 

Other times the people who are in charge of our group on tours make little comments too, but just for fun. They tell is how we drive on the wrong side of the road and talk funny. When we attended the police station most of the officers told us we were crazy for owning guns and that are cops are mean because they also have guns. The police in London only carry a baton and pepper spray, but it works for them. 

It's been interesting what people have to say about us. Nothing has been very offensive and people have generally been pretty nice and understanding especially when we try to pay for things with the enormous amount of coins they use. 

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