Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wow I'm in London!

This London trip has been going by very quickly! Jamie, Chloe, and I have been packing our days soo full of lots of fun things! Friday we got to go to the Making of Harry Potter, which is at the Warner Bros. Studio, and where they actually filmed all of the Harry Potter Movies!! It was so amazing to see all if the props and sets and special effects that were used to make the movies come to life. I was amazing with all the details and I nearly cried when we had to leave. It was so amazing to experience all of that. After that we went to the London Dungeon. The London Dungeon is like a haunted house that went through history of all the terrifying moments of England. We went through everything from the Black Plague  to Jack the Ripper. It was very scary but loads of fun. 

Over the weekend we have been doing tons and tons of walking and touring. Yesterday we went to Westminster Abbey. That is the royal church and is where all of the royal ceremonies, including the most recent royal wedding. Not only is this for royal ceremonies but also has tons of tombs and remembrance plaques of important people. We literally stood on Sir Issac Newton and Charles Darwin's tombs. We also got to visit the Great Queen Victoria's personal side chapel tomb. They had wonderful remembrance tombs for many of the wonderful past royals, educators and artist. The best tomb was the tomb of the unknown soldier that was put buried right in the front for anyone to appreciate the many soldiers that fought for this country and died and wasn't recognized because they couldn't be identified. This tomb is know to be the most important tomb, that isn't a royal, buried in the entire Abbey. It was all very amazing and emotional. 

Today was breath taking. We traveled out of London and went though the beautiful English country side to Stone Henge. It was so amazing to see these mysterious stones in person. I particularly like the theory that people traveled to these stones in the past for healing purposes. After that we went to the Roman Baths to see the city of Bath that was partially built by the Romans around 2000 years ago. We walked on the stones they originally laid. The baths are natural spring water that is very warm. The bath was built to warship a goddess. The water is known to have healing properties and we all took a big drink at the end. 

I knew that on this trip I would make some really awesome memories. I didn't know I would make some long lasting friendships as well...

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