Saturday, May 24, 2014

Following Shakespeare

Yesterday we took a day trip out of the city. We first went to Oxford University. It's really interesting how all of the different colleges work under the entire University. Our amazing guide Sarah took us around and showed us a lot of the historical points. I loved how the town shows so much character. Also there are many places that inspired famous stories, like Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, and even Winnie the Pooh. There were also many spots that Harry Potter was filmed in. We went to the Christ Church College, which is probably the most desired college to go to at Oxford University. The stair case in this college is the stair case where all of the kids in Harry Potter walked up to enter the great hall, and it was filmed there as well. I walked up the staircase just as they did when they entered Hogwarts. 

We left Oxford and went to Stratford, which is where Shakespeare was born, grew up, and died. We got to see the house he was born in and lived in. We also got to see the land where Shakespeare lived as an adult before he has it torn town before he died. It was very cool to see this town and all of its history. 

The last place we went to was Warwick Castle, which is now used as entertainment. We got to go down into a dungeon that was for prisoners of the time. We also went through some of the scenes of the men getting ready for war. My favorite part was walking through the scenes of Daisy's Party. Daisy was quite the it girl of her time and she was the mistress of a King. She was know for her excellent parties and gossip. We got to walk through different rooms as if we were at her party. 

Yesterday was very cool. I love the history of all of the towns we went through. Our guide Sarah knows so much about everything and it really makes the trips more exciting. I owe a huge thanks to her for making the history and learning so interesting. The history is definitely one of my favorite parts of this trip! 

Maria is also such a cool person. She is the one who has to babysit us while we on our tours and she has our tickets all organized and ready. She makes sure we are all keeping good time and has made our trip run very smooth. It has been fun to hang out with her and get to know her a little as well. 

Thank you Sarah and Maria!! You guys are great!!!

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