Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Last Few Days!

The last few days in London have been loads of fun! When we finally arrived in London around 1 or 2 on Monday we went straight to Windser Castel. It was so amazing, the architecture was incredibly beautiful. The history of the Castel was also very interesting.

On Tuesday the class went to one of the many police stations, where we got to see some people under arrest and see the cells they stay in. The police of London have a very different perception of criminals. It was all very neat to learn about. After our class outing, Jamie, Chloe ,and I went to explore on our own. We went to Piccidilly Circus, which is very similar to time square in New York. We ate some interesting Japaneese food and shopped and some pretty cool shops. I ate a very delicious meat pie at a little pub. We ended the night with a visit to M&M World and went to the Cinema. It was a great second day and we got to see a lot of different things. 

Today we went to the court and got to sit in on a couple of hearings. They have a very similar court system as we do. It was exciting to listen to a court case about a few people who were aiding in smuggling drugs into the prison. Then we ate lunch. Later today we plan on going to Oxford and a Pub for dinner. 

London is amazing and the rest of the trip is going to be amazing. I'm so glad to have this opportunity. It's great to spend time in such a wonderful place with Jamie and my newest friend Chloe. 

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