Thursday, May 22, 2014

Time Flys!

This week has gone by so fast. We went to the Supreme Court, attended a lecture at Kings College, and went to New Scotland Yard. 

Me and the girls went to the theater and saw Wicked on Tuesday night and it was absolutely amazing! I fell in love with the story and the musical. It brought me to tears a few times and it was great! I love that I got to see and experience it with Jamie and Chloe. 

Yesterday we took a train to Paris. It rained a lot and I forgot my unberella, but I was still in Paris. We went and saw Notre Dame and the Arc De Triomphe which were beautiful. We also went the Eiffel Tower, which was amazing! We stood underneath it and it's much bigger than you would think. 
We got to see the outside of the Louvre Museum because the line was like a mile long and we didn't have enough time to wait. I hope I can go back one day to see inside of it because the outside was beautiful. 

Today we thought we were going to New Scotland Yard all day but it turned out we were going to Buckingham Palace for the morning to watch the changing of the guards. When we got there Contable Watson informed us that we were going to go through the gates and watch it from the inside! This is very rare and people don't usually get this honor but we did and it was amazing. People were taking tons of pictures of is thinking that we were famous or important or something. 

Contable Watson had another great surprise for us today. We ended up getting to go to number 10 Downing Street which is where the Prime Minister lives. This is also something people don't get to do, only with special permission. It was an incredible experience. 

We all owe a huge thanks to Contable Watson because he showed us a lot of things. My trip to London wouldn't have been near as eventful with out him! 

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